webDiplomacy variants
A list of the variants available on this server, with credits and information on variant-specific rules.

Active variants:

Name Players IAMap Games finished avg. Turns Rating* Hot**
**Rating = ("players" x "games played") - **Hot = Number of active games
The Ancient Mediterranean5 players7 games16.00 turns350
Classic7 players43 games18.42 turns3010
Classic - England* Vs Turkey2 players7 games11.71 turns140
Classic - France vs Germany vs Austria3 players3 games15.67 turns90
Classic - Frankland Vs Juggernaut2 players6 games8.00 turns120
Classic - Fog of War7 players6 games26.33 turns420
Classic - France vs Austria2 players6 games16.00 turns120
Classic - Germany vs Italy2 players4 games11.00 turns80
Classic - Italy+ Vs England+ Vs Russia3 players7 games12.57 turns210
Colonial Diplomacy7 players5 games33.40 turns350
Fall of the American Empire: Civil War!2 players4 games9.25 turns80
Fall of the American Empire IV10 players1 game31.00 turns100
Greek Diplomacy6 players-5 games17.80 turns300
Hundred3 players-2 games6.00 turns60
Modern Diplomacy II10 players2 games20.50 turns200
Rinascimento12 players-4 games23.75 turns480
10663 players6 games18.17 turns180
843: Treaty of Verdun3 players-3 games12.33 turns91
World War II5 players-17 games22.47 turns850
World Diplomacy IX17 players-1 game31.00 turns170